Student Halifax Airport Taxi and Limousine Service 

At Halifax Airport Taxi and Limousine Service, we provide reliable, efficient and affordable transportation for all students in Nova Scotia. We offer transportation for students from the Halifax Airport to their quarantine destinations such as the Hamilton or Homewood Inn Halifax, and to their University Institutes in Nova Scotia such as to Acadia, MSVU, Dalhousie, Saint Mary's St.Francis Xavier etc...

Why students choose us?

  • Taxi Reservation Proof 

    We provide all students with taxi reservation proof to aid in the quarantine plan process required by universities

  • Affordable Rates 

    We provide students with affordable rates for transportation in our Luxury Vehicles. We charge students $55 to the Halifax Airport, and $65 from the Halifax Airport.

  • Share Rides

    Students can share rides and split the cost between each other, as we charge per vehicle and not per-person.

  • Direct to quarantine locations

    We offer direct transportation to students designated quarantine locations such as the Hamilton or Homewood Inn Halifax.

  • Fleet

    We have a large number of luxury vehicles in our fleet ranging from 4-8 seats, that can fit all of your luggage and carry-on.

How to meet you at the Airport?

1. Proceed to the Ground Transportation Booth in the Arrivals section located in the far right corner as you face the exit doors

2. You must tell the Ground Transportation person your name, in order to have your car called up to the prearranged area. The ground transportation person can direct you to the pre-arranged area

3. Wait by the pre-arranged sign for your driver. The prearranged pickup area is located outside of the revolving doors. 

Saint Mary's University

$55 from Saint Mary's University to Halifax Airport 

$65 from Halifax Airport to Saint Mary's University 

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Halifax Airport Taxi and Limousine service​

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